Summer is here, and you know what that means! It’s finally time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshiney days that are ahead of us. A few of us here at ColumBUZZ really love the beautiful parks that are around good ol’ C-Bus, and decided to mention a few of our favorites! Take a look below for what metro-parks around C-Bus we think are worth sauntering to.

 Jill: Goodale Park

This beautiful park in Victorian Village is the perfect place to take in nature while still enjoying the spirit of the Short North and Arena District. The land was donated to the city of Columbus in 1851 by Dr. Lincoln Goodale, and his wish was for it to remain a public park forever — a true “gift that keeps on giving” for Cap City.

Loaded with charm, this is one of the best places to spend time around the city. Aside from views of the downtown skyline (which are awesome at night), Goodale Park has lots to do for active enthusiasts, such as a walking path, basketball court, playground, tennis court and ball field.

Goodale-ParkIf you’re just in the mood to “stop and smell the roses,” then you will be pleased with the colorful gardens and wide variety of tree species. One thing that makes this park extra special is the gazebo overlooking the pond and fountain. The fountain was installed by local artist Malcolm Cochran in 2013 and was designed to be used all year around. (It looks like two elephants sitting on top of a cake)! And the gazebo is often used as a stage for small outdoor concerts in the summer.

With a strip of some of the prettiest, most ornate homes in Victorian Villages just across the street, along with the dozens of dogs you’ll see enjoying time with their owners, Goodale Park is such a great place to stop, take a breather and enjoy the beauty of our city. Plus, it’s home to Comfest every June. What’s not to love about that?

I love this park.

Gabrielle: Glacier Ride Park

Glacier Ridge Metro Park is located in beautiful Dublin, Ohio right across the way from Glacier Ridge Elementary School. With its long, winding paths, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air and nature. Whether you need a spot to unwind, go for a jog, have a bike ride, rollerblade or walk your dog, this park is the place to do it.

For me personally, growing up in Dublin Ohio had lots of perks. One of them just happened to be Glacier Ridge. Glacier Ridge was an essential part of my routine. As a cross country runner in highschool, I was always looking for a different scene to be the backdrop for my run. Not only was this a place that I spent a lot of my personal time running, but this was also a place I ran for a lot of my harder cross country practices. I remember some of our longer runs took place there, and for good reason. The nature that is evolving around you helps you get lost in the activity you’re doing, as well as attract a fresh perspective into your day from just simply being engaged with it. Aside from being a good land to run in though, I have many memories rollerblading far on the paths that seem like they are going to go on forever. They were some of the prettiest mornings I’ve had here in good ol’ C-Bus.

No matter what activity you want to engage in with the outdoors, if you are near Dublin, take a little time out of your day to get lost in the glorious scene that is Glacier Ridge.

For more information, visit their website:

Ryan: Battelle Darby Creek

Battelle Darby Creek

To me, there are two kinds of parks. There are the “yuppy” city parks that are surrounded by concrete and the sound of cars, then there are the parks for nature, adventure and peace. If you are like me and love getting away from the noise and go on an adventure surrounded by nature, Battelle Darby Creek is the spot. Whether you are a hiker, biker or a runner, Battelle Darby Creek will satisfy your fancy. There are too many awesome things to explore at this park. I will sum it up to some of my favorite things.

The Nature Trails

Battelle Darby Creek features 13 trails that range in difficulty, scene and pace. The trails are really well taken care of and nature is always offering hikers something to gander at while they make their way through. My favorite trail is the Edgewood, Lake & Prairie Way. Any trail where I get a chance to skip a few rocks across the Big Darby Creek is a winner in my book. Here is a map to locate all the trails.



With so many spots to drop a line, you don’t have to worry about overcrowding or crossing lines with other fishers in the area.







Bring some food and spend the day at the park. When I was younger, my family would spend Mother’s Day at Battelle Darby Creek. It was always a blast! Cornhole, trails, fishing and a playground. My cousin and I would always venture through the trails and play by the creek while all the older folks sat around in the shade and enjoyed the escape of their busy lives.


Bring your bike and venture down the Darby Creek Greenway trail which takes you through the prairies and woods that intersects the two bison pastures. If that’s not your scene, hop on the paved trail, which links to Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.



Again, if being outside around real nature and away from the city isn’t your thing, you probably won’t like this park. It’s 7,070 acres of pure adventure and natural beauty. I enjoy every part of it.