The first Thursday of each month, COSI science center hosts COSI After Dark — an event where adults 21+ leave the kids at home and stay after hours to enjoy the exhibits, food and drinks. I’ve heard about COSI after dark ever since I came to Columbus three years ago, so I figured it was time to go and check it out for myself, and I have to say it lived up to all of its hype and expectation. Here’s why:

No kids.

It seemed ironic that we were in a museum usually filled with children, but there actually weren’t any children there. The fact of the matter is this is what the whole night is about. We had the chance to explore the exhibits without worrying who’s hungry, who needs to go to the bathroom, who’s bored and who’s just straight up having a meltdown. The exhibits and information are designed for all ages, so they were still thoroughly enjoyable as an adult. The crowd was a mix of date-night couples and groups of friends who were looking to be a kid again for a few hours.


Let’s just say science is much more fun with a glass of wine in your hand. Bars were located throughout the main floor and had a few seasonal and standard items for purchase, including beer, wine and cocktails. After a few glasses of wine, people were really excited about science.



While the Atomic Cafe was not open during the COSI After Dark Hours, food stations were set up throughout the main floor with snacks and appetizers. Fruit cups, pulled pork sandwiches and other handhelds and snacks were available for purchase and were a nice and delicious balance to the drinks.

Special exhibits.

The theme for November’s COSI After Dark centered on the science of food, and as someone who loves to bake, this was especially interesting to me. Nestlé sponsored a few exhibits where volunteers would guide you through an experiment and explain what was happening. We created edible bubbles with different ingredients, as well as created coffee caviar (basically we watched coffee turn from a drop of liquid into a solid nugget). Both were surprisingly delicious and interesting to learn about. While they featured special exhibits, all of their traditional exhibits were open as well. I especially enjoyed the Oceans exhibit where a group of so-called ‘adults’ and I participated in a full-blown water fight.


No lines.

One of the best parts is that the museum wasn’t very crowded, so lines for exhibits were non-existent. This means I got to fulfill my life-long dream of riding the tight rope across the entrance hall. I remember seeing this YEARS ago when I was a wee-little girl scout and thought it was so intimidating. Honestly, it was much bigger when I was little, so when I first saw it, I was a little relieved. However, I still felt a sense of accomplishment riding across a rope on a unicycle. All of the exhibits weren’t very crowded, so it was easy to come and go as you please.



For the couple of hours I was at COSI, I enjoyed the exhibits, special events, and obviously the crowd-free atmosphere. Tickets are available online for $14 and are $16 at the door–both of which are a better deal than if you would go during regular general admission hours. COSI After Dark was a great way to spend an evening, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a date-night idea, a way to hang out with friends, or just an excuse to drink and be happy.

The next COSI After Dark on December 10th will feature The Science of Toys. Check their website for the monthly COSI After Dark themes and times.

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