Ajumama is a food truck that is commonly found on Summit Street offering its delicious food wares to patrons of Seventh Son Brewing Co. or on occasion, the Columbus Commons. This food truck is one of the more popular vendors of its kind located here in good old CBUS, and it does NOT disappoint.

What is an Ajumama, you ask? Well, it’s basically a mother who cooks food with love. Ajumama is the Korean word for Ma’am, basically what you would call a married or older woman not related to you. The ajummas are famous for their tenacity, sharp elbows, warm hearts, fiery tempers and their loyalties — as well as their amazing food. Walk up to a street cart or into one of the red tented pojangmachas that pop up on the streets of South Korea after the sun goes down, and you will most likely find a smiling ajumama doing everything from serving, cleaning and cooking to giving advice.

I have to say that the food from this food truck is excellent, and authentic to the spirit of the Korean Ajumama . I tried a Kimchi Hot Dog for $6, and let me tell you it is the best Kimchi I have had in a long time. It featured ¼ an all-natural pork and beef dog from The Good Frank, topped off with a house made cucumber kimchi, spicy K-mayo and green onions. For a $6 price, how can you go wrong?

The service was fast and on point. The truck’s look is a turquoise color with cool patterning and it’s kept in tip top shape. The Chef, Laura Lee, was a pure delight to converse with. It is clear that she has a great passion for food to go with her incredible education and experience.

Be sure to also try The Dak and the Temple Bowl. Both of which are excellent. I rate this particular food truck with five stars and may God have mercy on our appetites!

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