Ohio Stadium tours are available to the public and give buckeye fans a chance to learn about the history of the stadium and experience how it has evolved over the years.
If you ‘bleed scarlet and grey,’ it’s worth setting up a behind-the-scenes tour to get an inside peek at hustle and bustle of college game-day life at The Shoe. The Social Firm’s president, Matt Erney, got the opportunity to tour Ohio Stadium recently with AMSpirit Business Connections, and these are a few highlights from his experience.
The tour starts at the Iris S. and Bert L. Wolstein Football Center.

Entrance to OSU Football Center

(This is the Bell Tower that’s above the recruit center. To symbolize another Buckeye victory, the bell rings and sounds not only throughout the stadium; but throughout campus. The sound of team spirit!)

Matt with tour guide Tour guide, Jeff, has been working at the facility for 30 years and has become the go-to guy on game day. He coordinates everything from tours to taking care of VIP guests, and ensures that everything runs smoothly on game day.

Next up on the tour is the recruit room. This is the place where dinners and gatherings are held for recruits.

OSU Football recruit roomOSU-Football-Recruit-Room

OSU-recruit-room-podiumAfter the recruit room, you have the opportunity to get up close and personal to the magic of game day on the same field that the Buckeyes have battled on since 1922.  Having the opportunity to look up at the empty stands where literally thousands gather every home game in a sea of scarlet is a powerful experience for any Buckeye fan. Not only do you get to stand in the middle of the field; you also get a glimpse of the tunnel that the football players run through before and after the game!

OSU Football Field

OSU Football Field

Group photo at OSU Field

OSU Sky CamAfter being on the field, it’s time to head up to the suites club at the top of the stadium. Fun fact; this is one of the nation’s largest collegiate press boxes!
The press area has multiple levels with multiple television sets. Each press member has phone access and an Ethernet cable for computer access.

OSU Press BoxMatt in OSU Press BoxAll true Buckeye fans who have experienced the amazement that is the ‘Shoe’ have been fascinated by what is going on within the box seats.

Athletic Director's Private SuiteFinally, it’s time to end at the “Varisty O” room. This is a prestigious area where student athlete alumni, past coaches & other OSU VIP gather to tell stories, get refreshments and relax during games. Going there makes you feel that much more like a Buckeye!

The Varsity Room memorabiliaOSU Glass Painting Having an exclusive tour of The Shoe is something every Buckeye fan should do at least once. The general public can schedule tours (with minimum requirements) for $10 per person for 10+ person tour, and the tour must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.
Because the stadium is as big as it is, it’s easy to miss the many intricacies that make it so unique. By going on this tour, Buckeye fans can get an exclusive look at the stadium in all of its glory.
For more information to plan you tour, click here.

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