One of the things I love most about Columbus is that there is always something interesting to do — especially when out-of-town guests come to visit. If it’s not a festival or concert, it’s a new restaurant or gallery. So when some friends recently came to town for a girls’ weekend, I wanted to find a low-key, Saturday-afternoon activity… but something that still showed off how great our city is.

After asking around, I stumbled on The Candle Lab. The familiar black and white logo was something I recalled seeing around Columbus, but admittedly, I never took the time to find out more about. Man was I missing out.

If you’re looking for the perfect activity for a day out with your pals — look no further. With stores located in all of the Greater Columbus hot spots (Short North, Grandview and Worthington); The Candle Lab is a do-it-yourself haven for all of your fragrance fantasies.

The Run Down

1) Scheduling an Appointment

We booked our appointment at the Worthington location and had the chance to meet the owner, Steve Weaver, who started The Candle Lab in 2006 with his wife Katesha. While reservations aren’t required for parties under 6, it’s not a bad idea to call and schedule one anyway.

2) Let Your Nose Be Your Guide

Steve started us off with a clipboard and sheet of paper, and asked us to spend some time exploring their wall of fragrances. They stock more than 120 fragrances throughout the year, and all candles are made from a formula of natural soy wax, cotton paper wicks and pure fragrance oils.
The ones we liked, we recorded on our paper — and they could be anything from Sea Breeze to Leather. We had fun testing all of the scents and found some surprising ones along the way. Then we selected our containers of choice, which were available in a variety of styles and price ranges.

3) Create a Scent-sational Concept

We were next instructed to choose the top 3 fragrances from our list. Steve and company assisted us in determining which of the mix/matched scents worked well together to help us find a fragrance that was both unique and appealing. When we had our top picks in place, it was time to get started with the creation.

Cannabis, Anyone?

4) Unleash Your Inner-Scientist

Each of us had a station, which included the 3 oils we requested as well as the mixing equipment needed. We then had the chance to begin experimenting with finding our own individual fragrance. With a little of this and a little of that and a lot more of something else, before we knew it, we each created a custom scent meant especially for our own nose. The Candle Lab staff allows you to pour the mixture and stir, and then kindly asks you to come back in an hour for your finished product.

5) Voila!

Before we knew it, it was time to retrieve our finished candles. We all tried a different assortment of scents that ranged from floral to clean. Since I love yummy, fall scents, my candle was a mix of seasonal with a splash of male charm. If you want to create your own version try: Dad’s Den, Pumpkin Spice and Straight Razor. With a burning life of up to 60 hours, I know I’ll be enjoying my candle for awhile!

Have you been to The Candle Lab? Share your ingredients for the perfect fragrance!

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