Come for the Pizza, Stay for the Beer

Bricks on bricks!
Yellow Brick Pizza is located on Oak Street right across from The Angry Baker in Old Towne East. True to the name, the area that YBP occupies is very “bricked out” –from the road and buildings around it, to the window panes and exposed brick walls. Upon stepping in, you are greeted by an eclectic atmosphere that’s unique to these hidden gem establishments in this part of town.

Yellow Brick Pizza

(Art so good, you can eat it! But don’t actually try that.)

The interior is very artsy – with a custom drawn chalkboard menu, local art scattered around the restaurant and giant Papier-mâché faces on the walls. Most days you will find an all-time favorite movie or show playing on the big flat screen, and if you walk through the restaurant to the back, you will also find a great patio area to enjoy outdoor seating on a warm day or evening.

Yellow Brick Pizza Menu

(Option on options!)

Since pizza is their main attraction, you can find a wide variety of specialty pizzas to satisfy your unique taste buds. The slices are pretty generous with many customizable options if you are interested in building your own pizza. You have all the regular toppings such as pepperoni, green peppers and mushroom. Then you have some more exotic choices like spiced kale, corn and pear. For the amount of options that you get, the prices are very affordable. You can order by the slice or get entire pies to stay or go. Small sizes are usually ideal for 1-2 people, and you can also order medium or large pizzas for bigger groups.

The pizza choices are complemented by appetizers, salads, savory options and calzones. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, the Pesto Tortellini Salad and Garlic Cheese bread are amazing! Everyone is sure to find something they like.

Yellow Brick Pizza

The thing that makes this joint different from any other pizza parlor is the beer selection. The place offers more beer variety than you could ever hope to try. The drink menu was at least 8 pages with a plethora of craft beer options both on draft and bottled. Seriously. Not bad for a local pizzeria. They also have bottled coke for the nostalgic patron. It just tastes better in the glass! If beer is your thing, you will surely find

Yellow Brick Pizza
892 Oak Street
Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 725-5482