Whether you only use it for work or you’re constantly glued to it, your phone or tablet has probably become an important part of your life. And let’s face it, you’re probably the latter. But no matter how much time you spend on your mobile device, there’s always more to discover. Use your smart phone to its full potential by downloading these 5 apps that you may not have known existed.


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ square- cash-send- money-for/id711923939?mt=8

1. For your finances: Square Cash

Have you ever been hanging out with friends and decide to order a pizza? If you have, you probably remember the struggle that went into splitting the cost evenly, collecting cash from everyone, and accidentally stiffing the delivery guy because you were so frazzled. Or worse, realizing that you don’t even have cash to order a pizza. Square Cash is the answer to all of your problems. All you have to do is enter your card info, and you can send money (even just $1) to any of your contacts who also have the app. Plus, if you encourage your friends to download the app, you both get $5! You and a friend could probably get a pizza with that. Download this free mobile app for your iPhone or Android, and you’re ready to start sending money.

2. For your files: OneDrive

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ onedrive-cloud-storage-for/id477537958?mt=8

If your laptop runs Windows 8, you probably (hopefully) know about the OneDrive. Basically, it’s an online hard drive. Instead of saving your files onto your computer, you can save space and increase security by storing it on your OneDrive.

Well, a lot of people don’t know that they could be storing files onto the OneDrive through their smartphones by using the free mobile app. It’s perfect if you want to automatically upload your mobile photos. With OneDrive, your photos and whatever else you want to save will be synced to OneDrive. Which, for Windows 8, essentially means your laptop and mobile device are speaking the same language. What’s on your phone is on your computer and vice versa. The OneDrive app can be downloaded for free for both iOS and Android devices.

3. For your health: MyFitnessPal


https://itunes.apple.com/ us/app/calorie-counter -diet-tracker/id341232718?mt=8

If getting healthy or staying healthy is your goal, MyFitnessPal is a no brainer. With this mobile app, staying within your calorie allowance has never been easier. MyFitnessPal has the nutritional information for almost every food item out there. And not only does it track calories, it also keeps tabs on your macronutrients, your water intake, and your exercise. If you have a Fitbit or some other type of activity tracker, MyFitnessPal can connect with that information, giving you the most accurate numbers, and ultimately, helping you achieve your goals. With or without a wearable activity tracker, MyFitnessPal is a free app that will make staying healthy a lot easier. This mobile app can be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device.

4. For your books: Kindle App


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ kindle-read-books-ebooks-magazines/id302584613? mt=8&utm_content=buffer3d674& utm_source=buffer&utm_medium= twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer

Think you need to drop hundreds of dollars on an Amazon Kindle to get the best deals on eBooks? With the Kindle mobile app, you don’t. Kindle’s free mobile app gives you access to the endless selection of eBooks Amazon has to offer, including many free downloads. And you can access your purchases anywhere, as long as you have your mobile device and an internet connection. Plus, the Kindle app allows its users to purchase mobile subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. Everything in Amazon’s extensive library is cheaper than buying a hard copy, and more convenient. Be the first to read the newest releases with Kindle’s mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.

5. For your music: Songza


https://itunes.apple.com/ us/app/songza/id453111583?mt=8

Sometimes, you just wish there was some kind of technology that would lead you to the perfect song to match your mood. Well, Songza doesn’t necessarily get inside your head, but it can pick music for you based on how you’re feeling. Users simply tell the app what mood they’re feeling, which could be anything from “aggressive” to “introspective.” Songza will then present you with a series of playlists to choose from that match your mood. Users can also select an activity, and be matched with a playlist that goes perfectly. Activities are often based on the time of day, so they can range from “Waking up happy” to “Pregaming.” Basically, this is a great app for discovering new music. The app itself is really fun to mess around with, so don’t miss out on your perfect playlist. Songza is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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