I feel like there’s a day for just about anything (there is). Sauntering Day is a day to encourage us to slow down and enjoy the world around us. And I am ALL about that.
What does “saunter” actually mean though? According to dictionary.com, it means to walk with a leisurely gait or stroll. 

So essentially, you become a bad ass and strut your stuff, which means I saunter all the fucking time. And you probably do, too.

Here are 6 people (or mammals) who know how to saunter:


1. The Joker

La la la… I’m the Joker and I saunter away from shit I blow up. BAD ASS.


2. Mini Horse

*Play “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton while watching this*


3. Mrs. Iglesias

And I’m ready to parrrrrty.


4. Sarabi (AKA Simba’s Mom)

Dayuuum girl… You saunter on outta here.


5.  Bey

You can call me Queen Saunter.


6. Jonah Hill

Can you say Saunter of Shame?


Happy Sauntering Day!

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