Kenan & Kel

Ryan: “Who LOVES Orange Soda?” I remember always wanting orange soda after watching this show. The crazy antics of Kenan and Kel had me hooked as a kid. At the end of each episode, Kenan would come up with an “idea” to solve the problem generated by the show, using three random items and a random location. I always wondered why they would do that and not tie it into another episode?



Lauren: My favorite show from the ’90s was Roundhouse, a musical variety show that was on Nickelodeon from 1992 to 1996. I loved how the RoundHouse kids were able to make the woes of everyday teenage life enjoyable with music and dance performances. The people on the show also break-danced and wore flannel, so obviously awesome. I loved that it was produced live in front of an audience (or at least that is how I remember it) so there was a realness and energy to the performances that was different from other shows. It was something unique and never really done before on Nickelodeon, so that was why I was drawn to it; I loved its authenticity.

Home Improvement


Jill: Deciding on my favorite show as a kid from the 90s was tough, but when I think about the show that I’d like to pick up and watch again most now, I think it would probably be Home Improvement. Coming from a family of three girls with a dad who actually was a true “Mr. Fix-It,” I always found it humorous to watch a family in the reversed scenario. Tim’s shenanigans, along with the mid-western feel of their life made the show funny and relatable—plus I always liked that there was a character named “Jill.” The Taylors knew how to celebrate Halloween in style (my favorite holiday), and I waited and waited for the episode in which neighbor Wilson would finally reveal his whole face (he didn’t, until the Backstage Pass airing following the series finale). Great show, great cast and great memories watching this sitcom with my dad!



Lindsey: “DuckTales (oooh ooooh)!” My favorite thing to do as a 90s kid was to solve a mystery… or rewrite history. DuckTales would play on my TV nonstop because, well, I ducking loved it (no, that was not an auto-correct). My first crush was Alden Jones from Braceface (one of my favorites from the early 2000s), but the first time I really swooned over an animated character was for Launchpad McQuack. His kindness had a way to my heart, and he was a brave, hot pilot. Yes, I am aware that he was a cartoon duck. Although this perfect show ended in 1990, I believe it is still very deserving of being the greatest 90s show EVER.

Boy Meets World

Gabrielle: Anyone who was a true 90s kid remembers the relatable, funny and charming show that was Boy Meets World. From kids to adults, the love story that encompassed the two main characters of Cory and Topanga was adored by many for seven seasons. Similar to the now popular movie of Boyhood, Boy Meets World captured the growing pains of Ben Savage’s character from childhood through adulthood. Cory was the perfect ‘every’ man, and Topanga was the perfect ‘every’ girl. The characters who played along through their journey illustrated the full complexity that makes life as fun as it is. The show offered the world the full package takeaway, in a sense. Through laughter and tears, Boy Meets World told a story that was addicting and easily loveable. It was brilliant in its simplicity and endearing in its complexities. The characters taught audiences of all ages that life is truly not about the destination, but the journey. I believe this show deserves at the very least, a toast in its honor for being one of the best 90s shows. Cheers!

Rug Rats and Rocket Power


Ronnie: The shows I used to watch were Rocket Power and Rugrats on Nickelodeon. I don’t quite know what drew me to Rugrats. I think it was because during that time my family just got cable, and to know that there was a channel like Nickelodeon that had cartoons on 24/7 blew my mind. So Rugrats was what I would watch super late at night. I liked Rocket Power, too, because the kids in the show were the same age as I was, and they were also doing the same action sports I was getting into, such as skateboarding and rollerblading.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


Andrea: Coming up with my favorite TV show from the ’90s was a pretty hard task for someone like me! I watched it all– the good, the bad, the weird, the British, the Mexican soaps and even the things that many kids my age would’ve never liked-– except Dragon Ball Z (sorry Jeromy). And so it is a miracle that I lived to be a smart being, despite the myth that watching too much TV would lower my IQ – but hey, an only child has to do what she has to do. So for the sake of this blog, I will have to go with Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, just because Melissa Joan Hart was the ultimate awesome independent girl in and off screen! I liked her in Clarissa Explains it All, and during her short appearance on Britney Spears’ “Crazy” video. She was the bomb, and she got to hang out with the Backstreet Boys, too. Plus her cat could talk and I was convinced she had powers in real life! In the pre-Harry Potter book and movie era, Sabrina was where it was at!

Dragon Ball Z



Jeromy: My favorite show from the 90s would have to be Dragon Ball Z. I used to buy all sorts of merch from the Chinese grocery: puzzles, comics, action figures, etc. The show was a huge hit in Japan and most of Asia for years, but no one knew of it here until the late 90s. Cartoon Network started running DBZ on their Toonami block. After that, almost everyone heard of it. It seemed to acquire a mixed reception. There were half the people who didn’t see what the fuss was about (and thought the show was kind of dorky). And then the other half who, like me, really got into it.

The show explored a lot of themes, but at the core, it was always a battle between good and evil. How could you not like that? I think that it really stuck with some of us because it was so much better than the animation on TV at the time. I mean, the fluid movements and facial expressions the show achieved were unmatched. Plus, the characters were so interesting and diverse. I remember rushing home after school on my bike to catch the latest episode, only to be cock-blocked by the constant cliff hangers. Regardless, our patience always paid off in a grand final duel between the heroes and villains. I loved that show!



Travis: One of my favorite shows from the 90’s was Doug, a cartoon show that was on Nickelodeon. I remember never missing this show growing up. Doug Funnie was your typical 11-year-old kid; shy, insecure at times, but, a friend at heart and always meant well. Skeeter, Doug’s best friend was my favorite character on the show. He was the athlete and lovable “jock,” polar opposite of Doug, whose daydreams would totally interfere with his regular life.

Speaking of which, Doug kept a journal, where his entries were what the episodes would be based around. After watching Doug recently, it dawned on me that– he was insane. Every episode is literally watching a child’s own writing prove his craziness 11 minutes at a time. It has become more of a drama than a comedy to me, and that even intrigues me more at this point than back when I was younger. Killer Tofu 4 Life!


Did your favorite shows make our list? If not, share yours in the comments!