Red, White & BOOM! is undoubtedly the greatest way to celebrate Independence Day. The heart of Downtown Columbus will be the place to be on July 3rd with live music, local food, tons of people, and of course, the biggest fireworks display in Ohio. The annual fireworks show seems to get brighter and louder every year, so this year, you’ll definitely want to claim the best spot in town. Whether you want to be so close that you’re covered in ash, or you’d rather stay further from all the traffic, we have the perfect viewing spot for you.

bicentennial park

1. Bicentennial Park

If you want to have the best view possible, Bicentennial Park is your best bet — if you’re willing to get there early. Way early. Some people start claiming spots as early as Thursday afternoon, so you’re not messing around if this is where you’re headed. The park is located right along the Scioto River, so the fireworks will look like they’re right on top of you. For such an amazing view, braving the crowd and the traffic might actually be worth it.

2. The Riverfront

Similar to Bicentennial Park, The Riverfront is an extremely up-close and personal viewing site for the fireworks. To experience the spectacular view that this site has to offer, you must be prepared to endure large crowds.


Ever thought of taking a trip to COSI on July 3rd? It’s a prime location to watch the fireworks, and the all-day event will keep you and the kids entertained before nightfall. The event on July 3rd includes a buffet dinner, COSI exhibit access, and lawn viewing of the fireworks. If you’re willing to spend some serious money — $90 for non-member adults — COSI will show you the most comfortable Red, White & BOOM! viewing experience in town.

4. Huntington Park’s “Ballpark Boom”

For safe, comfortable family fun without sacrificing a great view, Huntington Park is your prime destination on July 3rd. The ballpark’s event, “Ballpark Boom” offers live entertainment, restroom access (very important), food, a zip-line and more. Tickets to enter the park are $5.

5. The Scioto River

For those who take their fireworks super seriously, watching the fireworks in the middle of the Scioto River is the most extreme way to watch the display. If you have a boat, you can be as close to the fireworks as possible. You may have a stiff neck from looking up during the whole show, but it’ll probably be worth it.

6. The Ohio Statehouse

The Statehouse is just a little bit further away from the river, but it will still provide an outstanding view. Plus, the patriotic environment serves as the perfect backdrop for pictures with friends and family.

7. Goodale Park

Goodale Park will provide you with great view of the fireworks, without an absurdly large crowd. You can enjoy a fun evening at Goodale Park on Friday without the stress of finding a spot in the grass for your lawn chairs.

8. Scioto Audubon Metro Park

The Scioto Audubon Metro Park is a great viewing spot for families. There’s a playground to entertain the kids before the fireworks display, and its further away from the downtown bustle. Still, it’s right along the Scioto River, so you’re not sacrificing your view.

9. McCoy Park

Don’t let downtown traffic get you down! McCoy Park is a great choice for people coming in from the ‘burbs’ to watch the show. It’s further away from the shoot-off spot, but the display is so big that it almost doesn’t matter. Save on time and stress at McCoy Park this Friday.


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