What’s better than one Thanksgiving meal? Two, obviously! Over the past few years, many people have added Friendsgiving to their holiday plans–a potluck type meal shared with friends usually before or after actual Thanksgiving. It’s an easy way for friends to get together without putting the task of preparing an entire meal on one person.

Friendsgiving combines all the best parts of Thanksgiving, but with fewer awkward relatives and more wine (much more wine).

So break out your Thanksgiving pants (we all have a pair) because things are about to get delicious.tgiving pants


We asked our contributors what their go-to Friendsgiving dish is, and the results are mouthwatering:

Emilia:  My grandma’s chocolate snowballs are always a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner. Each snowball is essentially a scoop of vanilla ice cream surrounded by a layer of chocolate cake, dipped in a hard chocolate shell and coated in powdered sugar.

Jill: My family is Italian and we always have a pasta dish to start off every holiday meal– before the usual turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. (I call it marathon eating.) Since my husband’s family does not celebrate this Italian tradition, the years we are celebrating with his side of the family I make lasagna so I can get my fix! It’s easy and feeds many, why not?!

Ryan: Classic Pumpkin Pie. I mean come’on, it’s pumpkin pie! I attend about 3 Thanksgiving parties on Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie is always a popular dessert available. I try to shovel down at least 2 pieces every Thanksgiving just to make sure I meet my pumpkin pie quota for the year.




Lauren: My family is a meat and potatoes squad so every year I make my famous Hot   German Potato Salad. It has simple ingredients and can be used as a side dish or main dish since it has meat in it (HINT: it rhymes with MACON). It’s way too good of a recipe to give away, just kidding. Enjoy!

Matt:  Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Years ago, I fell in love with the Jimmy John’s Chocolate Chunk cookies. I like to tinker with food, so I set out to reproduce and improve their recipe, essentially creating the world’s greatest chocolate chunk cookie.  After about 15 times of making this recipe, it’s perfect! See the recipe below.


matt cookie recipe

Do you agree, these are the best!?  Send me a note or your version of this recipe. Recipe Created & Perfected By: Matt Erney – matt.erney@gmail.com


We can’t wait to celebrate Friendsgiving this year! What is your favorite Friendsgiving dish? Share with us by tweeting @ColumBUZZ614 or commenting below.