Oh, Downtown Grandview. Once upon a time, Grandview was an overlooked suburb of C-Bus. However, in the past few years it’s become one of the most booming areas Central Ohio has to offer. With an array of nommy restaurants and innovative stores, this quaint and creative town has a little something for everyone.

When sauntering down the streets of Downtown Grandview, you will pass several inviting shops and clothing stores. One of those idyllic places that I personally can’t tear myself away from is THREAD.

At first glance, THREAD offers an open and airy environment. Once you’re in, you’re immediately drawn to the fresh assortment of designer brands, fun accessories and home furnishings that fill the store.

So, why does THREAD stand out against the crowd when it comes to go-to shops in Grandview, you might ask? I’ll tell you why. THREAD is owned by two sisters — Sara Guice and Miranda Boyle — whose background in fashion merchandising speaks volumes about the authenticity of their store. THREAD offers enviable fashions while remaining true to its Midwest roots. I recently had the chance to catch up with co-owner Miranda Boyle to learn more about this growing boutique.

Co-Owner Miranda Boyle with Hallee Secura, Director of Operations and Sales at THREAD

THREAD’S Beginnings

THREAD opened its doors for the first time in Grandview in January 2011. After two years of success, the boutique owners decided to expand the brand and opened the doors of a second location in Dublin.

“We wanted to bring THREAD to another part of the city that was craving the taste of what we brought to Grandview,” said THREAD co-owner Miranda Boyle.

After a few years of great success, THREAD was able to expand to a larger location in Grandview in September 2014. The expansion has given this store a stand alone spot in the Downtown Grandview area, and truly speaks to its growing appeal.

Both sisters have backgrounds in fashion merchandising, and decided to open a boutique that offered the Midwest an assortment of bohemian-chic apparel, shoes and home touches. “I was lucky enough to travel all over the world and particularly fell in love with so many of the boutiques in Paris and London. There was nothing like them in Columbus, so I wanted to bring that amazing European shopping experience to my hometown,” said Boyle.

So, why is a great store like this in the midst of Columbus? “I love Columbus, it’s my hometown and I love the midwestern sensibility.This is where my family and extended family live and they are such an important part of the success of THREAD,” she said.

Although they have various different fashion trends and the latest niche accessories, what makes them a brand you can trust? THREAD offers a great selection of high-end designers that are hard to find.

“We have a very strict curation process, and we pick brands based off of what we like,” said Boyle. “We establish a relationship with every designer we want to carry, and it’s through this relationship that we pick out the pieces that you see in THREAD every season.”

Besides great clothes, the team is positive and energetic, and they are always willing to help you at the drop of a hat…literally. With dedication and attention to each and every customer, this boutique does personalized service right.

Co-owner Miranda Boyle & I

Behind the Thread Philosophy

Miranda Boyle, co-owner of THREAD

The growing success of THREAD is certainly most attributed to their philosophy, said Boyle.

“There’s a quote that hangs on my wall, ‘An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. May you be open to each thread that comes into your life — the golden ones and the coarse ones — and may you weave them into a brilliant and beautiful life.’ When I came up with the name THREAD, it just stuck.”

Some words that capture the spirit of THREAD are iconic, chic and sophisticated — and this sentiment includes everything from the atmosphere to the clothes.

Hallee, Director of Operations and Sales at THREAD

My favorite attribute of any store is how I feel in the store, and I have to say, the atmosphere at THREAD is one of the best I’ve ever been in. An inviting aroma fills the air and the people who work there are filled with high-spirited energy that make the shopping experience one of a kind.

“At THREAD, we have a NYC or LA mindset, with designers that you would see in the trendiest boutiques there, but we also are mid-westerners at heart. That’s why you see a mix of industrial with rustic; clean lines and homey touches like reclaimed wood that go throughout the store.”

Boyle couldn’t be more thrilled with the success she’s seen THREAD build. It’s more than just a clothing store, it’s a home to employees and customers alike. For Boyle, it’s her passion.

“I see myself as someone who wants to build a community with people and weave threads through our everyday lives into something lasting and beautiful. That’s why THREAD is THREAD. It’s a part of our community with lines stretching out in many directions that form something bigger,” she shared.

What’s Next for Thread

No matter the amount of success THREAD experiences, the co-owners are grounded in remaining true to the brands and styles they believe in. 

“We have a set of core aesthetics that we stick to: iconic, boho, downtown chic, and casual luxury, and we make sure everything at THREAD can fall under those descriptors.”

As THREAD continues to find success, what could be next for this local retailer? To Boyle, the sky’s the limit.

The sisters would like to continue growing their brick and mortar stores, and in August, THREAD will have its very own private label. With this growth, the co-owners also hope to build on their online presence. 

For me personally, after living on the East Coast in the mecca of fashion, I wasn’t sure how Columbus could compete… until I started shopping at THREAD. There is nothing like it in our city. With the heart, integrity, and philosophy behind the brand, THREAD is sure to give any boutique in the country a real run for its money.

If you haven’t already left to go to THREAD immediately after reading this article, go grab your wallet and saunter to THREAD as fast as you can. I can promise you that you will never be disappointed. Happy shopping!