Hollywood Casino opened on the South side of Columbus in October 2012, and has since been helping to revive the local economy. Some of our writers share the scoop on what to expect when you visit Ohio’s largest casino.

First, a little bit about the place itself.

Hollywood Casino is located right off of Broad Street on the Southwest Side of Columbus. The building is absolutely beautiful from the outside. It almost looks like a palace, complete with a moat and spires. Upon nearing the entrance, you will be greeted by tall window panes and flashy lights.


After making your way through the grand entrance, you may be stunned at how nice the place is inside— with the feel of Vegas right here in our own Midwestern city, your first impression will surely be filled with these highlights:

Amazing detail, high ceilings, no windows or clocks, multiple dining options, dealers and table operators being managed under pit bosses, cocktail waitresses, alcohol, gamblers (amateurs and veterans alike), live music, and lots of money. It sounds like sensory overload, but in keeping with true casino fashion.

The Gambling

The place offers many ticket and ATM outposts scattered throughout the premises. With 70+ table games, the medium range tables are available as soon as you enter and offer games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker and many others. Then, there is a high-roller, VIP section tucked away in the back. You will also find over 2,200 reel, digital and video slot machines scattered throughout the facility ranging from penny slots to $100 machines.

hollywood casino slot machines

The Food

As per any gambling establishment, there are several food options available at Hollywood Casino. There is a nice steak restaurant for the bigger budgets (Final Cut Steak & Seafood), a sports lounge diner for the swanky drinker to relax and grab a bite (O.H.), and a grill for the mindful spender (Take 2 Grill). If you like lots of options, the Epic Buffet is pretty affordable for the average patron at $20, and has a little bit of everything.


From the styling, to the atmosphere, to the gaming and dining, Hollywood Casino is definitely worth checking out, whether you are an amateur or experienced player.

Go ahead– have yourselves some fun, exercise some restraint with your bank accounts and let us know all about your experience! You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! We can’t wait to hear from you!