On June 1, 2015, ColumBUZZ will be hosting our first “Coffee & Conversation” event. Speakers from Mission Coffee Co., Backroom Coffee Roasters, The Roosevelt Coffeehouse and Community Grounds will share stories about their personal view of the Columbus Coffee Scene — the people, tools, and practices that have helped them turn their visions into reality.
To further grow our community, we have decided to host an event where we bring people together for coffee and stories. ColumBUZZ614 presents: Columbuzzed. We will feature leaders from around the Columbus coffee community sharing stories about the things, people, and teams that help them create, survive, and flourish. Whether its quirky habits or productivity hacks, apps or cameras, chainsaws or teammates, we’re going to learn about their personal views on the present and future of Columbus’ coffee scene.
The PechaKucha format we chose allows each speaker to show 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. This only gives each speaker a little less than 7 minutes to present, but we could listen to them talk about coffee all day.

The evening will feature four speakers:

Kenny Sipes, the founder of The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, A coffeehouse built to fight the worldwide & local injustices of hunger, unclean water, sex trafficking, and slavery. Kenny will be speaking on Social Justice’s role alongside the coffee scene today.
Nathan Okuley, the director of social media for Geben Commmunication, manages all social media and community engagement for Mission Coffee Co., a coffee shop that believes in craftsmanship, collaboration, and education, showcasing micro-roasted speciality coffees from around the world.
— Chris Bishop, the owner of Backroom Coffee Roasters, a specialty micro-roaster utilizing only high-end Arabica beans from around the world. Chris will be speaking on his everyday process of coffee roasting.
Joel Cosme. Jr., co-founder of Community Grounds, an ever evolving community space for sharing music, poetry, books and ideas over locally sourced coffee, tea and food. Joel will be speaking upon community’s involvement and the ever evolving coffee scene.
If you haven’t signed up yet, register for the June 1st event at The Roosevelt Coffeehouse. Come enjoy great coffee and listen to these wonderful speakers tell their stories.