Last week, some of us at Columbuzz went to Zoe Cafe in Bexley for the first time. This new little space opened up around Christmas time, and since then, it has become a popular ‘must-try’ spot in C-Bus.

Zoe Cafe in Bexley, OH

This land offers an original, authentic vibe with an array of menu options for everyone’s dining experience. When you walk in, you’re welcomed by an open and airy environment that is casual and quaint. Wood accents and white marble tables with glass create a warm atmosphere throughout the restaurant that is beautiful and inviting!

Zoe Cafe Menu

The menu focuses on simple favorites with fresh flavors to complement them. When I say that, I mean in terms of both their delicacies, as well as their beverages. For all of my foodies out there, listen up! This place offers breakfast all day. That’s right. All. Day. Long. Pretty perfect, right? You’re welcome.

Breakfast all dayIf you’re not in the mood for breakfast, that’s okay, too! Zoe offers lunch and dinner items as well as tasty sweets. No matter what type of food you may be jonesing for; Zoe Cafe can satisfy those taste buds!

With such a wide menu selection, all of us got an array of different items on the menu when we dined there. Two of our team members here at ColumBuzz both had the chicken salad sandwich and had nothing but great reviews to give!

“The chicken salad sandwich had amazing flavor, and their potato chip fries were delish,” said Jenni. “Their menu had a nice variety of options and prices were reasonable. The restaurant was clean and I loved the look/decor.” Ryan felt he had a very solid dining experience as well. “My chicken salad sandwich was really good. I would definitely recommend trying it for lunch!” Boom!

Inside Zoe Cafe

Zoe’s food also accentuates on the creative side. One of the menu items in particular is called ‘The Elvis’ and it’s peanut butter, caramelized bananas, raisins and walnuts with a splash of honey on top. Genius menu item for those of you who join me in having a massive sweet tooth. Nom. Nom.

Elvis Sandwich at Zoe Cafe

The Elvis Sandwich

With regards to their beverages, you can’t go wrong. Their bar has a huge variety of every form of drinks you could be hankering for; no matter how whacky or wild. I, personally, ordered a Moscow mule, and Lindsey ordered a mimosa. Both of which were quite delicious.

Drinks at Zoe Cafe

Mimosa and Moscow mule


The cost of any of their food items was pretty fair. This restaurant won’t break your wallet, but it won’t help it, either. To put it in other terms, the price is a step up from chain-type restaurants such as Panera or Cosi; but it isn’t overly expensive like a Cameron Mitchell restaurant. Can’t go wrong!


Overall, the crew at the ColumBuzz gives Zoe Cafe a thumbs up. Some aspects of the restaurant could be improved upon, but with only having opened their doors at the end of last year; this restaurant gives its diners a quaint and idyllic place to try in beautiful downtown Bexley. As Lindsey stated, “Its modern interior is very relaxing, but fun. I think they’re still in their discovery phase, but the food was pretty good and I’d go back to try more!”

ColumBuzz Crew at Zoe Cafe


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